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Practice Areas



Conducting of complex commercial proceedings in front of domestic and - in cooperation with local attorneys – foreign courts.

Activity as an expert regarding matters of international private and procedural law (appointed by the courts and/or as a privately called on consultant).

Representation of selected clients in matters of white collar crime as well as the conducting of specific proceedings in administrative law matters (namely construction law).



Party representation in domestic and international arbitral proceedings of commercial nature mostly in an international context in both common law and civil law jurisdictions.

Practice as an arbitrator (elected by the parties or appointed by arbitral institutions), both as chairman and member of arbitral tribunals as well as sole arbitrator, in domestic and international arbitral proceedings (namely Swiss Rules, ICC Rules, ad hoc). 



Alternative – and/or complementary to procedural disputes before state courts or arbitral tribunals – extrajudicial dispute resolution of commercial disputes as an accredited Commercial Mediator CEDR, London and Mediator SAV.

Advisory and/or party representation in proceedings in alternative dispute resolution of commercial disputes.